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Sights Andalucia



If you are visiting Andalusia for the first time, there are some attractions you just have to see! One is Alhambra also called the 8. wonder of the world. Gibraltar, the English colony in South Spain and the only place in Europe with free-ranged monkeys.

Alhama with hot springs. The caves in Nerja. The majestic and impressive cathedral or the Moor's fortress Alcazaba, both in Malaga. And of course much, much more..
  • Alhama - Hot springs

    Alhama de Granada is located approx. 850 m above sea level and has approx. 6000 inhabitants and is initially created and named by the Arabs. Al-hama means "bath, hot springs" in Arabic, and it was also the Arabs who created the city and built the thermic baths houses. The hot water from the springs were said to be healing
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  • Dripstone caves Nerja

    A few kilometers outside of Nerja, you will find the small town named Maro with the largest and most beautiful dripstone caves in the world.
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