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Description Country houses and Rural homes


Country houses / Rural homes - description

Country and Rural houses are located in the mountains, in the countryside of Andalusia. They have the genuine Spanish rustic charm, why they are often decorated very austere, and you should not expect any kind of luxury but the contrary instead.

Do NOT expect:

  • That furniture as ex. chairs, inside or outside is all the same
  • That cutlery are of the same series
  • Wineglass
  • New household appliance
  • the patio and terrace furniture is old
  • bed linen is in Spanish style and non-Nordic
  • blankets and not duvets
  • Spanish style austere interior
  • beautiful panoramic views
  • Old electric appliances 
You should only choose a country or rural home if you:
  • Want to live undisturbed
  • Want to live in beautiful surroundings
  • Want to live in the mountains
  • Like country/rural-style living inside and outside the house
  • Are prepared to live in a country or rural home
A country or rural house is NOT for you if:
  • You like luxury
  • You want a short distance to ‘everything’ like; shopping, beaches, highway, etc.
  • You proper conditions
The property is precisely categorized as a "country or rural house" and not as a villa etc., which means that it is furnished with very basic styled Spanish furniture. This certainly has its charm and is very popular among the people who appreciate the Andalusian countryside, white villages, Spanish peasant style. But one must be prepared to do so, since it has nothing to do with the coast known as Costa del Sol.
If you are prepared for a Spanish and austere peasant style, you can get a great vacation - if not, you will be disappointed, so please do yourself the favor and consider what it is you are looking fore, before you book this accommodation.
Access road to country houses and rural homes: 
When the house is located in the Andalusian Mountains, the road to the property often is a mountain road, which may consist of gravel, soil, and / or stone and may be very bumby. A mountain road is thus a path in the mountains, which means that there may be hairpin curves, the road may be narrow, the road can be placed high above the sea, without barrier, there may be "way down".