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Viñuela (Malaga area)


Lake Viñuela is approx. 20 minute drive from the coast and is an impressive sight with its 700 hectares and 170 million cubic meters of azure colored water. It is an amazing sight and the area is breathtaking beautiful with a lot of hiking possibilities. The lake is surrounded by the majestic mountains of La Maroma (the highest in Malaga province), Sierra de Alfamata and Antequera.
Periana a small town at Lake Viñuela is known for its good olive oil, and in the whole area is found thousands of olive trees placed side by side in beautiful and breathtaking olive groves. You can buy the olive oil in supermarkets, or you can buy it directly at the oil mill, which is located in the city center.
Puente de Don Manuel at Lake Viñuela is a city that in just 10 years has grown from 100 to approx. 2000 inhabitants. The incredibly beautiful scenery at the lake Viñuela, located between the impressive mountains, has drawn so many people to the area and surrounding cities. A lot of different nationalities have found the area attractive, which is reflected by the variety of restaurants in the city. You find everything from the traditional Spanish cuisine, tapas bars and Mediterranean cuisine to Indian and Italian restaurants.