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Rincón Rent provides high quality vacation rental services. Our clients all rave about the high-quality selection & service that they receive when they book with Rincon Rent for their vacation needs. 
If you have a property that you're considering renting as a vacation rental, contact us today or click here to learn more. 
Your satisfaction is very important to us. We'll ensure that you will be satisfied with your experience at Rincón Rent. 


Our priority is the quality, safety and service to our customer and homeowners.
Our purpose is to create a safe contact between homeowner and renter.
Rincón Rent is a service organization on Costa del Sol, which creates a safe and confident contact between homeowners and renters. By us you securely will receive service, not only when you reserve you vacation rental, but also during and after you stay. Our year long stay on the coast provides you with a local knowledge you can use any time you need it, before and during your stay, and you are welcome to make contact to us any time you want, for advice, help or guidance.
All the time we endeavour to have a wide selection of properties and services. If you don't find what you need as a renter or homeowner, you are always very welcome to contact us, so that we can find the solution that fit all of your needs!
Joan Hansen
A company with a high integrity is necessary for a durable success!
Rincón Rent is a part of Rincón Service Group, which is a organization with all the necessary functions concerning property renting, maintaining, supervision and administration.
To provide our customers with the best experience we created some basic service solutions that we offer, and simultaneously we are very open and sympathetic to each individual customers needs, so we in collaboration can tailor-make the best solution possible, either they want to rent a property, rent-out a property, needs maintaining, supervision or something totally different.
Even that we have a continuous quality control of our service solutions we will expect that our customers contacts us immediately, if we can live up to what we describe in our marketing material, because our word - the written and the spoken - is all of our customers guaranty for a high standard of service and quality, and our companies guaranty for a high integrity.
Michael Kolodnicki